Non-native, invasive plant species are plants native to other countries, that become established in our natural areas and displace native plant communities. Most invasive plants were brought overseas to be used for horticultural purposes. These plants were then widely planted without the realization of the impacts they would have.

Many invasive plant species have attributes that allow them to outcompete and stunt the growth of our native vegetation. One such attribute is the ability to form thick monocultures that inhibit light from reaching the forest floor, preventing native herbaceous plant and hardwood tree regeneration. Other invasive plants release chemicals from their roots that directly inhibit the growth of adjacent trees, shrubs and herbs. Invasive plant species are also less desirable habitat for many wildlife species.

With years of experience and training, the employees of Habitat Solutions are experts in invasive plant management. Habitat Solutions employees maintain all credentials deemed necessary by the Indiana State Chemist Office and are always striving to improve our treatment techniques. We offer many different forms of invasive plant treatments, including cut-stump , foliar spraying, and basal oil treatments.